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Kerry Molitor, RCIC

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

The Government of Canada’s website makes the process look easy for people like you who want to come to Canada. But it is just a summary of a complicated procedure full of details and traps that can cost you failure and frustration. A mistake can even end in a forced trip back.

The Government’s summary is a little like a tourist brochure that does not show the dense forest and other dangers on your journey. My job is to guide you through the application process to make sure you do not get hooked on tree branches and to increase the chance that you will end your journey to Canada successfully and with as little stress as possible.

I am qualified to assist you based on my 15+ years of immigration experience, my appointment as a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits (Ontario), and my membership in leading professional organizations.

Contact me today to get started on a personalized action plan to help get you from where you are to where you want to be.




VISITOR VISAS & RECORDS – Enter Canada and extend your stay

SUPER VISAS – Invite your parents and grandparents to visit long-term

INVITATION LETTERS – Invite someone to visit you in Canada

STUDY PERMITS – Pursue an education at the elementary, secondary, or post-secondary level

POST-GRADUATE WORK PERMITS – Work in Canada after graduating from post-secondary programs

OPEN WORK PERMITS – Work in most jobs in Canada

NAFTA WORK PERMITS – Americans and Mexicans can work with specific employers

LMIAs – Government permission for businesses to hire foreign workers

LMIA-BASED WORK PERMITS – Employer-specific work permits

FEDERAL SKILLED WORKERS (EXPRESS ENTRY) – For international professionals

CANADIAN EXPERIENCE CLASS (EXPRESS ENTRY) – For professionals with Canadian work experience

PROVINCIAL NOMINEES – For people selected for permanent residence by a Province or Territory

SPOUSE & COMMON-LAW SPONSORSHIPS – Help your spouse or partner immigrate

PARENT & GRANDPARENT SPONSORSHIPS – Help your parents and grandparents immigrate

CHILD SPONSORSHIPS – Help your children immigrate

OTHER RELATIVE SPONSORSHIPS – Allowed under exceptional circumstances

HUMANITARIAN & COMPASSIONATE – For people who deserve to stay in Canada for exceptional reasons

PRE-REMOVAL RISK ASSESSMENT – For people in danger abroad who are about to be deported


CRIMINAL REHABILITATION – Permanently overcome a foreign criminal record for immigration

CANADIAN RECORD SUSPENSIONS – Help with the Parole Board of Canada

TEMPORARY RESIDENT PERMITS – Temporarily overcome an inadmissibility

MEDICAL INADMISSIBILITY – Overcome medical inadmissibility for you or a family member

CITIZENSHIP – Applications for citizenship and proof of citizenship

RESIDENCY QUESTIONNAIRES – For complications with citizenship or permanent residence

REPLACING DOCUMENTS – Renew PR cards or correct mistakes on documents

AFFIDAVITS & STATUTORY DECLARATIONS – Swear statements for evidence

ACCESS TO INFORMATION REQUESTS – Learn the details about why an application was refused




"Thanks to Kelen Immigration Services we just got our confirmation of Permanent Residence via Express Entry in less time than we expected. Kerry Molitor made our life easier and the process less stressful, explaining to us very clearly step by step. What I like the most about Kelen Services is their fast response."

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